Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Henry!

We are such dorks :)

Wearing T's earphones!

Rocky and Henry!

Kylee and Henry!

Ang guess who this reminded us of :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

4 Hours of Blessed Sleep

Last night Henry slept 4 hours in between feedings and I have never been so happy to get 4 hours of straight sleep as I was last night. Yeah for 4 hours of sleep :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Henry Photos!

We have a belly button!

Bath time! He doesn't quite like these yet :)

Sleeping with daddy!

Great grandma Hanni holding Henry for the 1st time

Stricking a pose. Everytime we get him naked he poses like this.

They were taking a nap and when I checked on them this is how I found them. I guess dad was getting a good nap!

He has discovered his hands and enjoys sucking on them!

Isn't he just perfect!

Not a happy camper

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Introducing Henry Joe Hanni

On Monday February 2nd 2009 at 3:48pm in the afternoon T and I welcomed the newest edition to our little family. He weighed in at 8lbs 1 ounce and was 20.5 inches long. This is our journey to parenthood because I don't want to forget anything! Our journey to parenthood actually started on Sunday with a trip to the doctors office so he could start the induction. We opted for induction because my doctor was actually leaving on vacation on my due date and I refused to have this baby with a doctor I had never met. When we left his office on Sunday he said see ya in the morning and the hospital will call anytime after 4 am to let us know when to come in. On Monday morning we got the call at about 4:30 am to come in around 6. After we checked into the hospital the power went out and they couldn't get the monitors to reboot so we couldn't start the potsin until 7:15am. The dr. came in at 7:30 and broke my water (that was not the most comfortable thing in the world..... it surprised me how uncomfortable it was) . After that experience I asked for my epideral and had to wait until my first bag of antibiotics was through my IV. During my epideral T got sick and light headed and ended up on the hospital floor. My nurse actually used the call button to call another nurse to take care of T. I was having some pretty uncomfortable contractions by the time I got my epideral and then getting the epideral was not very comfortable either and I was having a rough time holding still due the pain but T almost fainting distracted me and actually made me laugh helping me forget the pain so thanks babe for having a weak stomache! T ate some breakfast and took a cat nap before the real work started so he wouldn't faint again :) I started to push at 1:30 and 2.5 hours later Henry made his appearance. I did get sick twice during labor while I was pushing which for me was the worst part! I hate throwing up! Especially becuase I was in the middle of pushing bothe times and was partially laying down making it feel like I was choking. I started to cry and apologized to the nurse for the mess and she just laughed and siad it helped the process along! I absolutly loved my labor delivery nurse! She was with us all morning and actually changed and stuck around even after her shift was over at 3:30. No words can describe the feelings and emotions of meeting the little guy that has been camping out inside of you for the last 9 months. I have enjoyed every minute of motherhood so far and am so impressed with T. He is an amazing daddy and I am truly blessed to have such an amazingly supportive husband. Not only has he been taking care of Henry but he has been tending to his very sore wife. Not only am I sore from the birth but I strained my wrist from gripping hard during pushing and popped blood vessels in the other arm that are tender like a bruise making feedings an even more challenge. Here are some fun photos of the days activities!

Some how his little hats always end up this way! I guess he just wants to be a little gansta :)

Uncle Jordan meeting him for the 1st time

Uncle Bradly holding him for the 1st time

Unlce Hunter holding him for the 1st time.

He did not like the car ride home and cried most of the way. I thought this was a way cute picture of how tense he was in the car seat.

Daddy putting him in the car seat to go home...... finally.

Finally quiet after about 4 hours of being very very fussy.

Daddy changing his first poopy diaper

Uncle Tony (my older brother) and Melanie meeting Henry

Hanging out with mom after getting all cleaned up.

Grandpa Staples meeting Henry for the first time.

Grandma Hanni meeting Henry for the 1st time

Grandma and Grandpa Staples with Henry

Grandma Staples holding Henry for the 1st time

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day .... daddy holding Henry after he was cleaned up he is like 10 minutes old here :)

Time to get cleaned up

On the scale 8lbs 1oz

Our family

Our first family photo

T taking a nap after the epideral and waiting to push.

Waiting for the baby soaking up the potsin

Before my water was broken

Before we left the house!

Super Bowl Sunday pregnancy picture. The day before Henry's birthday!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally Feeling Settled!!!!

Last July T and I bought a house in Bonney Lake and moved in. We immediately unpacked the essentials and the rest of our belongings remained unpacked in boxes in the garage for the last six months. Today we finally finished unpacking the garage and can actually park a car in there! So what got us motivated ........ I'll just say one name Lea, my mom. Now anyone who knows my mom knows that once she has a mission it will get done and this weekend her mission was my house and the baby's room. Normally when it comes to a project like moving and fun things like putting away baby stuff I am just like my mother ..... get her done! Being pregnant and working full time has put a damper on my usual attitude towards such projects. I have found that laziness when I am not at work is the only survival mode I have especially when it comes to relieving my oh so achy cankles (yes they are huge and after 10 hours on the job they are enormous). So a huge shout out to my mom for cleaning my house and helping me organize the baby's room. Another huge accomplishment is the organization of the garage which T did such a good job. In one day he installed shelves, organized all the stuff that was cluttered everywhere in there, and helped put together projects in the house as well. He was amazingly patient and would drop what he was doing to come help in the house whenever we needed him and did it with a smile and a yes dear, which I loved. I'm sure he is just loving having a pregnant wife around who now tends to panick every once in while on whether or not we are prepared and ready. :) Here are some photos of the finished baby's room and I also added some photos of the fun snow activities. When we had several inches of snow T got out my quad and pulled some cousins and brothers around on tubes.
Leah after her ride! T pulling Randy with Brad being drug behind!
The crib and fun wall mounts on the far wall in the room!